Net Zero Platform
Dear JCU Community,

It is with utmost pleasure that we share the results of the advisory referendum on the "JCU Net Zero" initiative, promoted by the Climate Countdown Committee from Jan. 25th to Jan. 31st, 2021. This referendum has been the result of a growing interest on behalf of the student body in climate action after the TEDxJohnCabotUniversity Climate Countdown event held in October 2020, following the shared long-term aspiration of making JCU the first carbon-neutral university in Italy. The results of the referendum confirm that climate action is a top priority for John Cabot University's student body.

In the referendum, current students have been asked to cast their votes on the question "Should JCU pursue Net Zero by 2030?" after being provided with the necessary background information on notions such as "Net Zero" and "carbon-negative" projects. With 97.24% of students in favor, 2.76% indifferent, and 0.00% against, the referendum underlines the shared priority of transforming our institution in function of a greener, more sustainable paradigm of university by the threshold year of 2030.

The student-led Climate Countdown Committee, in light of the referendum tally, will now move to create a university-wide platform to discuss a 2030 JCU Net Zero Roadmap – a comprehensive plan to help JCU transition to carbon neutrality by 2030 through the involvement of Student Body, Faculty, and Staff. The Committee is currently in the process of assessing the numerous suggestions for such Roadmap submitted by the Student Body, which will be then presented at the kick-off event of the campaign "JCU Net Zero" (date TBD).

In these challenging and defining times for our planet and our future, John Cabot University can become a steward of climate action in Italy and Europe through the drive of its Student Body, expertise of its Faculty, and guidance of its Staff. We are both thrilled and ready to start working, together, for a cleaner future and a more sustainable JCU.

Warm regards,


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