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Grassroots is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and action within the JCU community and in Rome. We need your passion, creativity, and dedication, so that we may all collectively be the change we want to see in the world!
Our mission

1. Educate students and faculty members on environmental issues.
2. Evaluate and make suggestions to the University on how to make its facilities greener and more sustainable.
3. Work and interact with environmental NGOs.
4. Participate in environmental volunteer programs already established in Rome and Lazio.
5. Bring the student body and faculty members closer to nature while teaching how to better respect our surroundings.
6. Promote general self-awareness and well-being.
Our team
We are the Board Members of the Grassroots, and are happy about it! Check out our profiles and reach out!
Ellie Rose Branson
Hi, I'm Ellie Rose Branson, a passionate intersectional environmental activist and academic at John Cabot University. Contact me via or LinkedIn.
Eleonora Cammarano
Hello! My name is Eleonora and I have been part of the Grassroots Environmental Club since I joined the University. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be part of the environmental club because I am passionate about eco-activism.
Carlos Santander
Advocate of sustainable practices such as organic food and regenerative agriculture. Member of the Food Sustainability Committee. Find me on Linkedin.
Francesco Albano
Hi everybody, I am Francesco Albano, a junior student here at JCU. I'm studying a double major in international business and international affairs. I chose to join the grassroots club because I'm aware of the risks of climate change and its severe implications.
Alice Finno
Events Coordinator
20-year-old Italian student at John Cabot University, majoring in Communications with a minor in International Affairs. I joined the Grassroots Club of my university because I am passionate about environmental issues, and I wanted to become more active in this field. You can find me on LinkedIn or write me an e-mail.
David Simpson
Media Master
Hello! My name is David Simpson and I'm the Media Master for the Grassroots club. I'm majoring in International Business. My goal is to simply make the world a better place one step at a time. I want to help people realize that it has to be a collective effort to improve our Earth, making it a safe and happy place for all beings. Contact me at or LinkedIn.
Antonio Mackoul
Chair of Sustainability Commitee
My name is Antonio and I'm the food sustainability chair. I'm majoring in international affairs. One of my passions is environmental conservation, particularly oceanic and rainforest conservation. I hope to see you at Grassroots!
Katarina Djorovic
Sustainability Officer
Hi, I'm Katarina Djorovic, I am majoring in Political science and minoring in Italian studies and Business at JCU. I am passionate about learning about sustainability. I lived and studied for a year in India. The experience in India helped me work on my leadership skills. Besides, I planted trees and helped local communities by teaching English to unprivileged kids, while studying. At JCU, I'm trying to stay active as a part of community service program. You can speak to me in English, Serbian, Italian or French. Contact me via or LinkedIn.
Our events
Green library
Through the Green Library, Grassroots showcases free essays, poems, art, and other resources submitted by members of the John Cabot University Community. To feature your own work, send an email to
If you ever want your project (essay, poem, website, etc.) on our website, write here:
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